A Day in ES – A Programmer’s Story 04

I have done my “due diligence” at looking at the codes. Now, I’m no VB expert but I can follow the syntax of the system and the coding pattern of the developer. I’m a Java developer, I can conquer all! VB doesn’t scare me. Only the programmers who still use it do. Kidding!

So I’ve asked the bosses if there is anyone who can give me a user manual and at least someone who can do a demo even online how to use the system so I can understand the flow of it.  I’m not gonna go Neo (matrix) and try to understand the system and flow just from the codes.

Things had gone pretty fast for ES Solutions. Without proper orientation nor tasks assignment, I was asked to accompany the bosses together with Bobby (one of their partners) to a system demonstration for a potential client. I thought this is good, at least I get to see how the system is going to be demonstrated and from there I’ll be able to determine the flow at least.

Demo Time!

We got there and met with this particular gentleman. He seems to be authoritative. He keeps telling the staff what to do and asks them to prepare the room for the demo. I couldn’t understand a thing he says because he speaks in Arabic. My mind was trying its best to interpret what they’re talking about with their body gestures. After a moment, a lady comes in with a doctor’s coat only to find out that we were talking to the husband of the clinic’s owner. I asked my bosses if they knew that he wasn’t who we’re supposed to be meeting with and they said no, he thought of the same thing. 

Minutes passed. Greetings were done. Demo starts. It lasted for about half an hour. I didn’t understand sh*t! Why? Because the whole thing was done in Arabic.


Once we’re out of the client’s clinic, one of the bosses told me not to worry because I’ll be getting the same demo in English tomorrow. Good, because I’m wondering myself why I came and not getting anything out of it. Should have just spent my time crunching codes.

As soon as I got home, I powered up my laptop and played NBA 2K. Usually, when I get home, my routine does not start with playing NBA but I felt so unproductive that I just thought of being useless all throughout of what’s left of the day and even then, I lost against the computer. 

See, I play the game to entertain me and what I do sometimes is when I’m about to lose, I quit. Sometimes I even fool myself by not charging up the laptop intentionally so it will eat up the battery and powers down itself not saving my game. Oh well, it really is not my day. I hope tomorrow wouldn’t be the same as today.

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