A Day in ES – A Programmer’s Story 01

I started my job as a Senior Software Developer in ES Solutions. It’s a startup company. Along with me is a new guy as well named Marly. He’s the technical support engineer. Counting him and me, there are a total of five employees. Yey! When I came here for my interview, there were 3 people I remember that are not here anymore. I wonder where they are and what happened to them.

We only had 2 clients. I spent the next few days looking at the codes and familiarizing myself with it. The main product of the company is a medical software. Good, I know nothing much about it so it will be a good experience.

See, I work in a multicultural company and while that may be exciting at first but problems will arise over time. Marly and I came from the pearl of the orient seas so we both kick it off nicely. Marly has years and years of experience in what he does. When I first saw him, I did not have to guess what he does because he looks like a floppy disk. Okay, some of you may be too young to know what that is but a floppy disk is the 3D image of the “Save” icon.  More of it here: Floppy Disk

Our bosses (two – owners) work in a big company while on the side, they’ve started this company. I admire them for that. It takes guts and b***s to do such a thing. I think they are managers or somehow hold a high position in that company because even if it’s workweek, they are here managing their business.

While I continue to kill my eyes looking at codes and practicing on the system, Marly is doing f**k all and I don’t blame him. He’s a technical support who at the moment has nothing to support. Aside from the two clients that are stable, I have to learn everything about the system before we even begin marketing it again.

Oh in case you’re wondering, the system was bought outside and the source code was shared with the owners (our bosses) and the language it was written with? Visual Basic.net. Yea, Fu***ng Jurassic.

While I know that the bosses work in the IT department of their work company, I don’t think they knew what they were doing when they bought this system. Nobody in the right mind at this time of era would buy a system written in VB. Why? I am stuck with this now though. 

Last time I touched a system with VB in it was when I was in college and that was more than a decade ago. Ooooh ES Solutions, you would be fun.

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