It is very obvious that there is a lack of women in the IT field most specifically in the development/programming side. I have been in a numerous IT company and I rarely see women working for them. Is it because of the lack of programmer out there who happen to be women and the ratio is unbalanced or is it something else?


While I was in college, I had a lot of female classmates who are as good in programming as much as men. I would say about 1/3 of the class were women. In fact, a lot of them were better because they were more focused in their studies while men for some reason tend to be easily distracted and unfocused of what they needed to do. When we graduated, whenever I checked my social media accounts, I can barely count on one hand those who ended up working in an IT company or with a programming job.

So why aren’t there more women programmers? 

Here are the top reasons:

1. No Female Programmers (Duh!) – there really isn’t much of them out there so the lack of mentors and role models can really be a big factor on why women tend to lose the idea of becoming a programmer. Know how we use to say, 

“I wanna be like him!” or “I want to do what he’s done”

TECHWORM has made a list World’s top 5 famous programmers here

2 . Women are not always available – While it’s generally okay to hang out and work with programmers until they fall asleep on their keyboards, it is not of the same case with women. It’s very rare to see a woman work outside of work and hang out with the team. 

3. Women Stick To Each Other – I remember in our thesis days in college. We formed groups in four that will become our “Thesis group”. All of our female classmates formed with an all-female group. When they lacked a member, that’s the only time they considered having a male in their group. 

  1. Stereotyping – Women have to prove themselves capable. Women have to show until accepted that they can do the job as good as men can. Women get special attention which can be degrading at sometimes because you know that they will do the same to a man. Initially, parents will buy their boys gadgets and his first computer while it may take some time for their girls to be given her first computer. 

5. Priorities – while a woman driven by her motivation to be the best in her chosen career is the most beautiful thing to watch (in my opinion), most will prioritize taking care of their families for one. Men tend to prioritize their career thinking that it’s the best way to support the family when women tend to juggle between their career and their family’s needs.

There you go. Those are the top 5 reasons why there aren’t more women in the IT field. What do you think of it? Did we miss anything or feel like something shouldn’t be there? Let us know your thoughts below.

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