If you’re a programmer or a developer and are in Bahrain, chances are you’ve probably realized that Bahrain IT companies mostly go for C#, VB.Net or Microsoft specific technologies but not much for Java.
I’m an Operations Manager for an IT company and although I don’t code that much anymore because my focus is on management but whenever I do, I write it in Java. Without any intent, I look for Java developer opportunities in job ads and don’t see much. Sometimes there isn’t even one.

If You Have It Flaunt It

Have you recently installed Java on your computer? If you haven’t, when you install Java, you’ll see the “3 Billion Devices Run Java” screen. Oracle flaunts it simply because it’s true. Check out Go Java to know more details. .

Java installation screen

CodingDojo lists the 7 most in-demand programming languages of 2018. Java topped last year and Java tops this year as well. So if that’s the case, why is there not much job opportunities for Java developers??
I have searched the web before writing this article to find out at least one good concrete reason why Java isn’t getting much “love” in Bahrain or the whole Middle East for that matter and I couldn’t one good enough reason but just that Bahrain is Microsoft lover.

Whenever I have the opportunity to check out software systems from big companies and small convenience stores, most of what I see are programs developed in either C# or VB.net. I have written programs in C# and VB.net but Java to me is different. 

My first programming language is Turbo Basic now known as PowerBASIC  but I just like Java for a lot of reasons like platform independence, concurrency, garbage collection, libraries and more. I would like to add job opportunities but it’s a bit ironic given what the topic is. 

Java Codes

How about you? We’d like to know your ideas and thoughts why there isn’t much Java in Bahrain or in the Middle East.

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