Tracking team performance is very vital for every organization. This helps team members grow and directly improves the organization work quality.

Tracking performance may sound like an easy job. All you have to do is ensure you know what your team members are doing collate it at the end of each month. What could be difficult in that?

The challenge is quantifying the performances of the team members and what metrics to use.


Suffice to say, there are a lot of metrics that can be used to measure how team members are doing and finding and using the right and effective ones will be the key. Gathering a team member’s productivity is one way.

WorkflowMAX has an article about productivity metrics.

Here are some effective performance metrics tracking you can use:


Attendance is very important to every organization. My previous mentor once told me that it doesn’t matter how great an employee is at work but what good is it for if he or she doesn’t come to work or on time?

Attendance not only shows how a team member values the rule of an organization but it also reflects their respect, passion, and interest towards their work.


Be in check with team members being responsible for their tasks. Start with defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Let them know and be aware of what exactly it is they need to do and what’s expected of them.

This will let you understand each team member’s contribution to the team and have a clear and concrete idea of each team member’s role.

Cooperation and Teamwork

Cooperation and teamwork play an important role in a team’s performance. Every team member should be aligned with a common goal and usually, that is to finish the project with the utmost quality.

Throughout the duration of the project, you could make come up with a periodical coaching and ask about team members whose cooperative and is good with working with the team.


All work should be done with quality. Finishing it earlier than the deadline but not meeting the quality is worse than delivering a product late.

Quality output must be among the top of the list. Track the quality of the output of each of your team members. If you’re developing a project, check with the QA tester and check how many bugs shown in the testing. It should not be more than the acceptable numbers.


Next to quality is completing the work on time. If a team member usually stays later or does a lot of overtime to finish his or her work, a coaching may be needed. You could speak about time management or better yet Time Management Matrix.

Team members doing overtime to finish their work may show dedication but it also shows that they cannot finish their job in the allotted time. A decent project manager should know how to delegate tasks that can be finished in a day but this is a different topic.


Comprehension goes beyond than mere understanding of what is being said. Not everything said should be taken literally.

A requirement may seem simple especially coming from a client but a team member who has a good comprehension level would be able to understand the work lies beyond almost instantly. He or she could come up with ideas and visualize how it would look once finished.

Before you begin tracking your team’s performance, be transparent with your team members about the metrics they’re going to be measured with so everyone is clear.

Those are some tips on you can track your team’s performance. There are more ways on how you can do so but you start with the above tips. As you go, you’ll come up with your own metrics.

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