Ever wanted to always have access to your files anywhere? Always going back to the office to copy files that you forgot? Microsoft has the answer for that, OneDrive. OneDrive is a free Internet-based storage platform. It is free to anyone with a Microsoft account. It comes automatically with Windows 10.

OneDrive is like a having a storage in the cloud. It’s like “My Documents” or “Documents” depending on which Windows version you have. Instead of saving it on your local computer, it gets saved in OneDrive and you can access it from anywhere. Cool, huh?


The best thing about it is it’s free (7 GB). Of course, if you want a bigger storage, you’re going to have to pay.

Read more to see what else OneDrive can do for you:

Autosave A Backup Of Your Files

Always worrying that your local computer or external drive is getting close to the “end” and lose all the data inside it? With OneDrive, you don’t have to. Everything you save in OneDrive gets saved online and secured by Microsoft. Use it to back up files from all of your devices: Phones, Tablets, PC’s Macs and secure those data.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Imagine you are in a very important meeting which has hung your career in the balance. Make or break. You thought you brought everything with you and then come presentation time, you forgot to bring your flash drive or external drive that has your presentation in it. You’re screwed, right? No, because you have saved it in OneDrive so OneDrive saves the day. Log in to your Microsoft Account and access OneDrive files and carry on with your presentation. Now, it’s up to you to close the deal or think of a career change.

Accessible From Any Computer

You may have figured this one out already. Since OneDrive is hooked up to your Microsoft account, it means you have access to your files from any computer. As long as the computer has access to the Internet and has a OneDrive app, you can pick up where you left off.

Sharing Is Caring

Aside from just merely sharing your files, you can have others view or edit your files. You can choose what kind of privilege to give them. Click on the file and choose “Share” and it will ask you to which email address you want to share your files with.

Now that you have a general idea about OneDrive

Secure your files and start using it. OneDrive keeps it simple and made it seem like you’re just saving and accessing your file from your local computer. You owe it to yourself to backup your files, secure them and access them from anywhere. 

If you want to know more about Microsoft OneDrive, click here for OneDrive help center. 


Interested? Get OneDrive.


If You Are Using More than One Microsoft Account, The Steps Below Will Tell You How To Find out which Microsoft Account you’re using with OneDrive 

1.    Open Registry Editor (Windows Key +R)
2.    Type regedit then press Enter
3.    On the left-hand side, choose HKEY_CURRENT_USER
4.    Navigate to “Software”
5.    Microsoft
6.    IdentityCRL
7.    UserExtendedProperties
Below it will show you which Microsoft account is logged in.

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