When was the last time you sent a message using SMS text? SMS marketing has become dominant now for businesses. Gone are the days when SMS texting was for personal use. With multiple messaging apps available in both Play Store and App Store, one would lastly opt to good ‘ol text message.

Almost anyone has a mobile phone nowadays, therefore, giving them access to SMS texting.

If you interview anyone about what do they mostly check in a day, what do you think they will answer? I’m certain that it would be their mobile phone.

A lot of us would even say that it is the first thing we check once we wake up.

A mobile phone is handy and always available. This is our first mean of communication to anyone we know.

The point is, people are not dependent on their phones. To those who use it, their day would not be complete without looking at their phones.

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Why SMS Marketing works?

The advertisement can be received even without connection to Data or WiFi. It sends (apart from the message itself) a message that your company is serious because no one else uses text message for personal use.

A text message can be received almost instantaneously even if the there’s low signal reception. You are advertising real-time.

How To Market Your Products Thru SMS text?

There a lot of applications now that can be downloaded that can let you send bulk SMS texts to your targeted customers. A little Google will give you a lot of results for companies that offer bulk SMS sending.

You can check out our SendIT! App. We are offering the app for free. You only need to buy the credit points.

Top Reasons to SMS Texts As Marketing


You don’t have to come up with designing a tarpaulin or an ad. All you have to do is compose a good and compact message that will promote your products and you’re good to go.


This was mentioned earlier. SMS texts are almost received instantly as soon as it was sent. It does not depend on an internet connection.

Reach Out To Everyone

SMS texts can be sent to anyone who has a cell phone. Whether it’s a smartphone or not, the texts will be sent and received so you won’t be alienating any customers both potential and existing.

“Read” Rate

According to Esendex, the percentage of people opening and reading texts sent to their cell phone is over 90% with the exception of some countries.

Served Directly

Unlike other marketing where people would only see the advertisement if they are in a certain place or watching a certain channel or video on the net, SMS texts are sent directly to your customers’ inbox.

Report and Tracking

Most SMS messaging apps have the feature of giving you a report of your SMS texts campaign history. Some can even inform you if it was sent or not.

SendIT! gives you this feature and tells you the reason why a message was failed to deliver.


Like the history feature, some also offers the feature of personalizing the SMS texts to be sent. This gives that “personal” touch to your marketing campaign which can lead to profits.


You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription or be under contract to advertise when using SMS texts as a marketing tool. Most SMS messaging apps operate on points-basis. An SMS text campaign is affordable and within the budget of any company regardless of size.

If you’re looking at marketing your product but do not want to pay an expensive amount of money, try SMS text marketing.

SMS texts are quick, easy and inexpensive. Make your customers feel special by personalizing SMS texts with discounts, offers or even occasional greetings.

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