You just got promoted to a manager. Good on you! What do you do now?

Having promoted as a manager is fulfilling. You got noticed and your hard work finally paid off. It is a testament to your continuous effort and dedication towards your career and the company.

Take a day or two and celebrate with your family and friends about your new position. If you’re married, take your spouse out to show your gratitude for his or her support.

Now that you are promoted to a managerial position, your next goal is to maintain the position and show them that you deserve it. Gear up and ready yourself for the challenge.


I had a colleague before “Joel” that had been asking the management to promote him for the longest time. After a month of being promoted, Joel and I had a talk. Joel told me that he is having a hard time in his new role and he may ask to go back to his old position.

Joel thought that being promoted is just an increase in salary and to get away from his old routinely job. Little did he know that along with the promotion comes more work and responsibility.

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are, transitioning to a new position especially in a managerial one can be difficult. Those reports and documentation that you use to do on your free time from your old position will now be at least a portion of your daily tasks.

Here are some tips to prepare you for your new position:

Take Position

Mark your territory. Make it known that there’s a new sheriff in town. You can do it in any way you think is best as long as you make your team regards you as their manager.

Responsibility and Accountability

I remember years ago that when I was offered the position of a team leader and I rejected it twice. I wasn’t ready yet to be responsible and accountable for the actions of others. As a manager, if you’re team screwed up, you’re responsible for it. Whatever comes your team’s way, be on top of it.

Set Boundaries Right Away

Especially if you have been promoted to your old team and now manage them. Set the boundaries right away on your first day as a manager. You are still their friend but at work, you are their manager and they need to know and feel that.


Be Objective

You will have people that are hard to manage. Sad part is most of them are great at what they do. Before making a decision in any case, ensure that you’re looking at things objectively. Do not take everything personally.

Avoid Being Oversensitive

You cannot, you will not and you should not please everyone. There will be someone saying bad things behind your back. They may be from your team or outside the team. Don’t let it bother you. As long as you’re doing what you know is best for your team.

Command Respect

Sometimes it happens that some people think that you do not deserve to be promoted. They think they are or someone else deserves it better. I had a colleague before that had this advice “If you can’t respect the person, respect the position”.  Sure enough, respect is earned but some people just don’t want to give it.

You Are Now A Manager

If you’re a programmer, you are no longer a programmer. You are now a manager. Manage programmers and mentor them in a way that you wanted to be mentored when you were once them.


Managing a team is rewarding if done right. You get to mentor your staff and you have front seat of their progress. You will be a part of your team’s growth. At times it can be challenging but you would not have gotten this far only to back down, right? Make the most and best out of it.

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