We watch TV series mostly to pass time. It keeps us entertained, engaged and on occasion, inspiration. We have always these theories about what will happen next. We try our best to predict what will happen in the following episodes and watch it as soon as it comes on to see if we are spot on with our predictions.

This particular series for me though is
different. I like how dedicated they are and it resonates with me. I usually
apply to myself what the characters do and simulate similar situations when

A Little Something About Grey’s Anatomy

The main characters started as interns and they were told that they are the bottom feeders and scuts. They work straight for 48 hours and get little sleep. They only get to rest in between and even then when an interesting case comes up, they volunteer. They take the initiative to be in the case so they get to learn and get to experience something new. Restless and tired, they still find the energy to push themselves into what would eventually become their specialty. 

Grey's Anatomy

This is the very reason why one should have a job that they are passionate about. The phrase “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Is true in every aspect. If you love what you do, you will rarely see it as a job. As a developer/programmer, if you love solving problems, creating algorithms and seeing your creation being used by people, it gives you this blissful feeling. It makes you want to do more.

New programming languages are being introduced almost every year, a new framework and new technologies come. It is a great time to be a software developer. You start with an idea and expand on that idea as you go along. I remember creating an application for creating tickets internally for tasks tracking. Now that application has grown to quotation generation, invoice generation, timekeeping and a whole lot more.

Find that reason why you do what you do. Once you start a project even if its to just exercise your coding skills, hammer on that project until you finish it. The more you do of those, the better you get. If you do that, look back on where you were and compare what you know now or skills you’ve acquired over time. You’ll be surprised to see how far you’ve gone.

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